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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is face paint waterproof?

No, the paint I use is not waterproof but my glitter tattoos are!

Why do you only paint ages 3+?

I only paint those over 3 for several reasons. Firstly, my insurance states that I may only paint those over 3. Second, my paints indicate that they are to be used on those age 3+. Third, in my experience it is difficult to paint little ones because sometimes they can’t stay still, don’t understand what is happening, or change their minds during the service. I don’t want to upset any littles! It is important to me to be mindful of those waiting in line for my services and it often takes too much time to paint young children. For these reasons, my services are for those age 3+.

How much space do you need?

I will require a space about 5ft by 5ft to set up my kit and chair.

Will you need a table? Chairs? Electricity?

No, I do not require anything but an open space. I bring everything I need to set up. My kit has its own fold out legs so I do not require a table.

How do I remove the paint off of my child’s face?

Use a mild cleanser to remove the paint. Work the cleanser with a little bit of water in to the paint to gently lift it from skin. Using a warm wet DARK washcloth, gently wipe the paint from skin. Use make up remover or baby oil to remove any traces of colour that may remain. Removal instructions are also provided on the back of my business cards.

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